Innovative Design Orthopaedics is a young, creative and dynamic company established to provide the best support for healthcare professionals.

"It is a beautiful device ...
fantastic for continuous bilateral assessments without the need to interrupt the process by having to write results ... ability to switch from pounds to kilograms, both before measurements and while reading the result is lovely"

Mr Constant
inventor of 'Constant Score'
on the IDO Isometer

Key Features of IDO Isometer

  • Compact and lightweight
  • Portable between clinics or hospitals
  • No fixation, calibration or adjustment required
  • Simple to use – no complex keys
  • Beep signals to aid patient understanding
  • 2 x AAA batteries - no mains charger
  • Auto Off function extends battery life
  • Clear LCD display
  • Memorises 10 readings
  • Easy handling - mobile phone sized
  • Minimal maintenance
  • Minimal operating costs´╗┐
  • One year warranty in normal use

The Isometer Mode of Use



The IDO Isometer is supplied with detailed user instructions
but here is a summary of the usage procedure


  • Insert 2 x AAA (1½ volt) batteries
  • Clip foot and arm straps to the rings on the device
  • Press On/Off button once to light blue led

Patient positioning

  • Ask patient to stand (if possible) with arm held at 90° of abduction in the scapular plane
  • Place wrist in pronation, the palm facing downwards
  • Loop arm strap over wrist with the arm at maximum span
  • Hold foot strap firmly to the floor with your foot


  • Instruct patient to pull up with all his/her strength with the elbow kept straight when the device beeps once and to continue pulling until it double beeps
  • Press the Start button to start data collection
  • Double beep signals that data collection is complete
  • The measurement is displayed and automatically saved to memory
  • Press Kg/Lb button to see measurement in alternative unit

Memory function

  • Built-in memory saves last 10 measurements
  • Hold down Memory button to enter memory mode
  • Memory store numbers (01 - 10) and stored measurements display in turn
  • To select previous measurement press Memory button once
  • Press Kg/Lb button to see measurement in alternative unit
  • Hold down Start button for three seconds to erase all saved measurements

Turning off

  • Press On/Off button
  • Note: Auto-Off function automatically turns off device after one minute of inactivity