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Key features of the Verso®

Stemless Prosthesis
avoids distal humeral canal reaming

Three-Finned Humeral Component

combines minimal bone resection with

secure cortical fit and rotational stability

‘Dial-able’ UHMWPE Liner

provides low medial edge,
reducing likelihood of notching and
improving rotational movement 

Tapered Glenoid Screw
for secure primary fixation

HA Coated Humeral and Glenoid Components
for enhanced secondary fixation

Entirely Modular System

matches all anatomy

Colour- and graphic-coded packages

for foolproof component selection

Patients experiences


Return to sport following Verso Reverse Total Shoulder Replacement








Mrs HT


My shoulder started to hurt approximately 8 - 9yrs ago. It gradually got worse and I assumed it was arthritis or rheumatism so took paracetamol or other pain killers.

Unfortunately it became worse, and I adjusted my shoulder movements to compensate for the gradual lack of movement in my shoulder.

Eventually, I visited my GP who suggested I should go and see Mr. Brownlow at The shoulder Clinic. I went for an appointment with Mr.  Brownlow who, on examining my shoulder, said he would perform an Arthroscopy and repair any damage that he could see, but knew it would be limited.

I had the operation in August 2009 and 6 weeks later went back to see Mr. Brownlow. He told me there was not a lot he could do as the ligaments were worn out. He had done a tidy up but there was nothing he could do to repair the ligaments as there was nothing left of them. He said he thought it was probably hereditary.  I had physiotherapy and also exercised at a gym but was unable to get anymore movement in the arm.

I returned to Mr. Brownlow and he suggested I went to see Professor Levy. I made an appointment and Professor Levy gave me exercises to carry out. Unfortunately, they made no difference and my shoulder was getting more painful. My right arm was losing strength as I had to support it with my left arm. It got so bad I had to start using my left arm to help me lift a glass of wine!!!

On returning to Professor Levy he then said he would operate and do a Total Reverse Shoulder Replacement, and when he promised 100% improvement.

I went into the Independent Hospital on Feb 11, 2011 and had the operation. The first 2 weeks after the operation, the pain was excruciating and I really did think I had done the wrong thing.  However, with the help of my husband, I carried out the exercises as I had been instructed to do which were painful but gradually I could move it, although by now I was very able to do so many things left handed.

I returned to Professor Levy 3 weeks later and he was very pleased with the progress I had made.  I was seeing my physiotherapist twice a week, and although she is brutal, she is also brilliant. I went for 10 sessions and also did the instructed exercises every hour. The pain by then was only minimal when I tried to push the arm in a backward motion. I went on holiday and did exercises in the pool many times each day and gradually the movement in my arm was enough to paint all the 7ft shutter doors on the house with no problem at all. I do all the gardening and have had no pain at all. 

To say that I am absolutely delighted in having had this operation is an understatement. I have almost complete movement in my shoulder, with only reaching backwards at odd angles being difficult, and each day seems to bring me closer to 100% which I know will come before very long.

Notwithstanding the skill of Professor Levy, I would emphasis the critical part which religiously doing the exercises played in this remarkable transformation. It absolutely necessary to carry out the regime, and hopefully the knowledge that it all will out in the end will be the motivation to get through the painful times.



Mr MH - Revision to Verso total shoulder 16 years after shoulder surface replacement